Cricket being commercialized…

India, which is well known for its diversified cultures, languages, tradition considers cricket as one of its religion. Millions of people are glued to thier TV sets whenever there is a cricket match. Recently, this game is being marketed and no doubt the investors are running happily to the bank.  On the contrary, people are fooled around for a match that is already fixed and the winner is already known. Millions of rupees are pooled in the betting rounds and the role of Mafia is something which cannot be denied.

It has gone to an extent of creating havoc in the people by placing bombs near the stadium. The recent bomb attack near Chinnaswamy stadium was one such heinous acts. Despite that the spirts of people did not go down and they happily watched the cricket match. Although the match did not start at the scheduled time. If any untoward incident had happened then lot of people would have died of stampede. Kudos to the Bangalore police they handled this situation in a quiet comphrensive manner. Withing minutes, the TVs started flash news regarding the delay of the matches but did not disclose the actual reason. All praise to the media as well.

Come what may, we will not let the spirits go down and the love for cricket will be there forever.

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