Mobile Petrol Helpline

It was a rainy day; I and my friend were travelling in a bike. We were on a ride to the test my newly purchased bike. Things were pleasant until we realized that the bike was running out of fuel. Eventually, we had to stop the motor cycle. There was not a single person to be visible in the vicinity. We badly felt the need of mobile petrol bunk. This is a concept that invoked in my mind out the puncher helpline. There is one such number also 080-55382555 upon calling this number the technician arrives on the spot fixes the puncture and of course an extra bit of money will be charged to this special service.
Things have changed a lot there is a private bank that delivers money to its customer upon a phone call they charge a moderate amount for this. On the Great wall of China the distance of this great wall extends up to 80 kms since this is one of the wonders, there are lot of people who hop to get a sight of this wonder, but there is no provision of urinals or toilets and no wonder there is a mobile toilet that addresses the call of nature.

Mobile Restroom

On the similar lines a mobile petrol outlet is definitely a need for the vast populous country like India.

Any petrol bigwigs listening to this…..

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