Rise of Health awareness among Bengalureans

It is 6:30 AM a warm summer morning in Bangalore. What once used to be place for youngsters and early morning joggers and some odd vehicle learners has suddenly transformed into a workout ground for mid aged men and women. There is a surge in health consciousness among the folks. One of the primary reasons is the increase of awareness about obesity related diseases like heart attack, diabetes, stroke, hypertension etc. Lot of advertisements are aired on the television be it any channel from cartoons to a business channel everyone broadcasts products connected with the reduction of body mass and obesity. The number of gyms has also seen a northwards movement. The good part is people have realized the fact that “Health is lost something is lost”. Meanwhile, most of them have started imitating their western counterparts while on the other side western countries have started adopting the older Indian methods of yoga and pranayama.

Could be one of the reasons why they say Earth is round!!

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