Harnessing traffic congestion in Bangalore

Bangalore being the IT hub or the Silicon Valley of India is flocked by vast amount of people. The cheap availability of two wheelers and four wheelers has created bedlam around this once termed Pensioners’ Paradise. There is hardly any space to move around. The state has being passing many resolutions to widen the road, but in vain. They have notified about 90 roads for widening. But, widening the roads is not the best alternative.
Alternate solutions have to be chalked out to get rid of the situation. Circular trains would be one of the idea to decrease traffic congestion. These trains would essentially run across the existing Ring road junctions and people using the buses or two wheelers could possibly utilize these trains to reach their work spots. If the distance is less than 5 kms then such commuters must be encouraged to travel or use a bicycle. An incentive package could be announced to those cyclists who use cycles for commutation for one month. This would promote more cyclists and reduce traffic bottleneck.
Metro trains will be available for Bangaloreans in the next 10 months time. Car pooling can also be a workaround. More oneway roads can be encouraged to plug the traffic issues.
State Government had a orientation about the Traffic controlling situations from China but to no avail.

Its high time that the state wakes up and look into this issue of traffic congestion.

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