Step mother treatment for our national game

Hockey, though started in Canada and improvised in the Sub continent has no takers now. There are many sophisticated versions of this sport like ice hockey. India’s national game is hockey but there are not many caretakers for this game.
Recently, following the debacle of Indian cricket team in the World T20 Championship, Indian team was condemned to hell. They were criticized to the core. Meanwhile, Indian hockey team had won the Azlan Shah Hockey Cup held at Malaysia. They were playing with opponents like Australia, Pakistan etc. When the team arrived in New Delhi there was nobody to greet them. In 2010 India hosted the World Hockey cup that was promoted by most of the cricket stars and Bollywood actor and actresses.
This situation has to change its high time that cricket has been given undue importance while sidelining other forms of sports. There are many badminton clubs, football clubs, athletic oriented sports clubs. These need to be supplied with required resources.
Even with a hundred crores population India has failed to deliver a single medal in the Olympics which stands as a testimony for our inability to accept other sport forms.

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