Manage kids in a softer way!!

It was busy Tuesday, I had to finish my office work well within time; I was very eager to finish my tasks since my little one had an appointment with the children specialist. He was due for his vaccines. I managed to reach home within 25 minutes as opposed to 40 minutes because I left the office a bit early. On the doorstep stood my wife while the baby was settled in his granny’s house, he usually gets prepared by his grandmother.Finally he arrived with kajal on his eyelids, scented with Johnson baby powder allover his body; he was almost looking like a girl baby.
We three set out our way to the hospital, since it was a cold evening he was having a nap. We got into a packed BMTC bus but guy was courteous enough to offer his seat to my wife. Bangalore is best known for its traffic jams because it was a peak hour we were struck up in a grid locked traffic jam for almost 45 minutes.
When we reached the clinic it was 7:50 but our appointment was scheduled at 7:25 and so we were late, the receptionist asked us to wait for our turn.
I was taken away by the way kids were taking their parents for a ride, some kids were busy playing with the toys in the clinic while some managed to run around the clinic. One of the couple who visited the hospital had twin babies one boy and one girl so I was amazed to see the dad who from my first guess looked like a software engineer was not able to manage a single kid.

One of the mom was so furious that she almost beat her 3 years son black and blue.

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