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Hi I’m Dixit, I’m a technical writer by profession. I like tweeting, blogging, reading books and articles related to documentation, technical writing, new emerging technologies, stocks and shares, body building, exercise, workouts and spirituality.

I have completed my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from SJ Govt Polytechnic and M.Com from KSOU, Mysore.
I passed the diploma exam with a state second rank.

I have undergone courses in C, UNIX from Systems Domain (http://www.systemdomain.net/). Completed AutoCAD course from GTTC, Rajajinagar. I finished my Technical Writing course from Suwega Software Technologies.(http://www.suwega.com/)

I started my career as a Supervisor with Namtech Electronic Devices Limited http://www.altaindia.com/homepages/namtech.htm. My day to day tasks were basically maintenance of SPMs(Special Purpose Machines), both preventive and breakdown maintenance. I was involved in development of vendors for requirement of spares for those machines. I served there for more than three years and it was at this juncture that IT boom was happening.

I thought of making a breakthrough and started trying out in IT companies and that eventually got me into Manvish Infotech Limited presently called as Manvish eTech Limited (http://www.manvish.com/index.html), which was a vendor concern of i2 Technologies. At Manvish my job primarily involved data capturing from Catalogs, CDs, Datasheets of Mechanical components. Even though I changed from hardcore mechanical job to IT sector, my job was in some sense had a tinge of mechanical flavor in it. I learnt the usage of drafting and design tools like Pro/E, Solidworks, AutoCAD. I worked here for more than two years, but for some reason the company did not do well and had to be closed down.

I started looking out for job and then that got me into First Indian Corporation (http://www.firstam.co.in/). I was one of the startup members the first 30 members who started the company way back in 2003 now the present strength is 2300 people. So, as startup members our team had a huge role to play in terms of production, quality, training, documentation etc. In fact, I was lucky enough that I got a chance to try out my hands in documentation, training, production, quality and to some extent transition of projects.
I completed my MCom degree from KSOU Mysore (http://ksoumysore.edu.in/index.html), through distance education because for IJPs and promotions diploma was not considered.

Startup Team of 30 members

I also got an opportunity to travel to Chicago to transition one of the projects.

Me with the Chicago Skyliners in the background

I served here for a period of more than five years but since this was a night shift job and I was married then, I had to look out for a job which will match my salaries. So, the only option left out was documentation because to get into software companies as software engineer the basic prerequisite would be Engineering degree or an MCA. I didn’t have them, I cannot get into testing because I did not have a professional degree.

Because my strength was communication, the only option left out was documentation or technical writing, so I did a course in Tech writing from Suwega Software technologies and started trying in this domain. Ultimately, I got a job in Streamnet India Limited as a Technical Writer. My role was to create User guides, Help guides, white papers, Case studies, story boards for animations.
I also tried out testing of application and giving out my observations on the same. Correcting the system alerts and messages to match them according to the context. I was involved in successfully collating the content for multi lingual translation. (www.streamnet.com)

Then, I joined Riversand Technologies (www.riversand.com) in March 2010 as a Technical writer where my primary job involves writing user guides, white papers and training materials, installation guides, administration guides for the MDM space.

Below are some of the links of my work samples.

At Riversand I created some product walkthroughs using Cam Studio since the file size is too voluminous, I’m unable to share them. I served here for about nine months.

I presently work for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). (http://www.tcs.com/homepage/Pages/default.aspx)

My job involves creating User guides, Quick start guides, Part lists for the mechanical domain. Following are the tools that I use at TCS:

  • Adobe Robohelp to create Online Help manuals.
  • Adobe FrameMaker to create user guides.
  • Adobe Illustrator to create illustrations, mechanical sub assemblies (.EPS) format.
  • Adobe Photoshop to modify images.
  • SnagIT to capture screenshots and images.

My journey with TCS started with a GVR a company specialized in dispensers, fuel pumps, smart systems etc. My job involved creating user guides, quick start guide, part lists, marketing flyers etc.

After that, I joined Carl Zeiss team as a technical writer with an additional role of a PMO. I learnt the tricks of the trade like contract management, Work Order Number (WON) management, resource allocation, budgeting, creating invoices at the month end, Quality practices like IPMS, IQMS etc. I was also taking care of client visit management activities. Following are few achievements as a PMO during my stay in Carl Zeiss team:

  • Created a macro to automate the invoice generation tasks. Through this, the invoice creation cycle was reduced by 70%. Initially, the invoice creation would take 2 1/2 days for a 16 projects. But, after creating this tool the invoice creation was a mere 3 hours job.
  • Streamlined the Account receivables or invoice payment tracking mechanism. The payments for the invoice that were being made from the client were realized through lot of back and forth mails from the Account receivables and onsite coordinators. I figured out a simple way through which the invoice realization was much faster and it was reduced to two days as opposed to 6 days or more than a week.
  • Created 22 Functional specifications document for the Industrial Metrology  Team (IMT) through the inputs received from SMEs in just 18 working days. I was also involved in application testing and giving valuable comments for the team.

I then joined General Electric (GE) team at their site in John F. Welch Technology Center campus. This was from TCS only but deputed at client location. My job involved creating User guides, Installation guides, Quick start guide and Marketing collaterals like Datasheet, whitepaper for GE’s TeleICU application. I was involved in testing the application and writing test cases and documenting the observations.

After that, I got an opportunity to work with Agilent Technologies as a Learning Products Engineer in their Manesar plant. This was six months project but got delayed by three months. It started in May 2014 and ended in October 2014. Our team was asked to rebrand or recreate the document formats from Format A to Format B. Basically the company was getting divided into seperate entitites i.e Agilent and Keysight. So, we were asked to recreate documents that were in Agilent format to Keysight format. We completed the project in seven months and the client was impressed by our quality and timely deliverables.

I then got a chance to work with my present company which is Carl Zeiss Meditec division at their Bommansandra plant in Bangalore. This was a localization project which involved translation and review of localized user manuals. I then had to create online help documents with the localized user manuals as reference. I had to followup with the localization agency Knowledgworks for their deliverables plus review and send out the comments on these deliverables. After that, I got a chance to work with Kanchenjunga project. My primary task was to create Service manuals, user manuals, Installation guides and quick reference guides.




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