Mutual Fund – a good alternative from the hoodwinks

Recently, Vini vinc Shastri was a household name among Bangaloreans and he was known for a wrong reason. He had started his company Vini vinc and promised a ransom return upon investing. People were taken for a ride by his words and invested lakhs of rupees. The total cost that needs to be given to investors is estimated to be 203 crores. Investors were bamboozled by Shastri and his team.
What people don’t understand is how an individual can give so much of huge return when practically it is not possible. A bank in India can give you 8% for one year in Fixed Deposit, even if it is compound interested it will not go beyond 16% and then here is a guy who promises to give back 35% returns. The sad part is people are not aware of the investing options like Mutual funds, Stocks and shares, Property investment, Material stocks like gold, silver, platinum etc.
Mutual Funds are one of the safe and secure ways of investing and it also ensures decent returns without much risks. There are various options to choose from for investors. Like, the investment can be locked for 3 year or 5 year period that gives you tax benefit also. There are funds which gives you immediate returns say within a span of 6 months.
Investors must always touch base with a good investing advisor before they start, and advisors would guide them through the process of investing. Of course these investments need to be tracked otherwise, you might suffer setbacks. There are quite a bunch of online investment tracking portals for e.g. Money that keeps a track of your investments and gives you email updates about your portfolio.
Start investing in Mutual funds or Stocks/Shares, your investment would be safe and secure.


Banaswadi Hanuman temple – a place worth watching

In the heart of Banaswadi, near to the IT park of Bangalore stands a very old temple of Hanuman. My mother-in-law was mentioning about this temple for a long time. So, today I went in search of this temple by asking the shop keepers, finally I was able to locate it.
The old Kempegowda fashioned arch tomb welcomes the devotees. Since it was Saturday lot of devotees had flocked the shrine. There are other deities as well in the same shrine like Venkateshwara, Srirama, Basaveshwara etc. I enquired about the senesce of the temple at the shop keeper nearby who was looking at my footwear. He said it was 100 years old. A North Indian couple was along with me and the lady peeped through me to get a sight of the main deity. I guided her to join the ladies queue.
The temple serves food in the form of prasadam during afternoon; I had a chance to taste it. The temple could have been maintained in a little better way. It is pathetically maintained.

Every year on the eve of Hanuman Jayanthi which falls between December 16 to January 14 usually on a full moon-day in the month of Chaitra, this deity is attracted by a miracle; it so happens that tears come out from the idol and people flock from all parts of Bangalore to witness this miracle.

Hanuman Gudi

Rise of Health awareness among Bengalureans

It is 6:30 AM a warm summer morning in Bangalore. What once used to be place for youngsters and early morning joggers and some odd vehicle learners has suddenly transformed into a workout ground for mid aged men and women. There is a surge in health consciousness among the folks. One of the primary reasons is the increase of awareness about obesity related diseases like heart attack, diabetes, stroke, hypertension etc. Lot of advertisements are aired on the television be it any channel from cartoons to a business channel everyone broadcasts products connected with the reduction of body mass and obesity. The number of gyms has also seen a northwards movement. The good part is people have realized the fact that “Health is lost something is lost”. Meanwhile, most of them have started imitating their western counterparts while on the other side western countries have started adopting the older Indian methods of yoga and pranayama.

Could be one of the reasons why they say Earth is round!!

Mobile Petrol Helpline

It was a rainy day; I and my friend were travelling in a bike. We were on a ride to the test my newly purchased bike. Things were pleasant until we realized that the bike was running out of fuel. Eventually, we had to stop the motor cycle. There was not a single person to be visible in the vicinity. We badly felt the need of mobile petrol bunk. This is a concept that invoked in my mind out the puncher helpline. There is one such number also 080-55382555 upon calling this number the technician arrives on the spot fixes the puncture and of course an extra bit of money will be charged to this special service.
Things have changed a lot there is a private bank that delivers money to its customer upon a phone call they charge a moderate amount for this. On the Great wall of China the distance of this great wall extends up to 80 kms since this is one of the wonders, there are lot of people who hop to get a sight of this wonder, but there is no provision of urinals or toilets and no wonder there is a mobile toilet that addresses the call of nature.

Mobile Restroom

On the similar lines a mobile petrol outlet is definitely a need for the vast populous country like India.

Any petrol bigwigs listening to this…..

Cricket being commercialized…

India, which is well known for its diversified cultures, languages, tradition considers cricket as one of its religion. Millions of people are glued to thier TV sets whenever there is a cricket match. Recently, this game is being marketed and no doubt the investors are running happily to the bank.  On the contrary, people are fooled around for a match that is already fixed and the winner is already known. Millions of rupees are pooled in the betting rounds and the role of Mafia is something which cannot be denied.

It has gone to an extent of creating havoc in the people by placing bombs near the stadium. The recent bomb attack near Chinnaswamy stadium was one such heinous acts. Despite that the spirts of people did not go down and they happily watched the cricket match. Although the match did not start at the scheduled time. If any untoward incident had happened then lot of people would have died of stampede. Kudos to the Bangalore police they handled this situation in a quiet comphrensive manner. Withing minutes, the TVs started flash news regarding the delay of the matches but did not disclose the actual reason. All praise to the media as well.

Come what may, we will not let the spirits go down and the love for cricket will be there forever.